Parkstar Roller Skates Review

The Bont ParkStar Roller Skate brings together style, performance, and comfort all into one skate, at an affordable price. Suitable for indoor or outdoor skating, these suede high ankle roller skate boots are ready to roll!

Since 1975 Bont proudly manufactures skates by hand, inside out, and the Bont ParkStar is no exception to this high standard of quality.

Bont boots are built around lasts that have been perfected for over 45 years. The addition of Anti-stretch material ensures your roller skate boots last longer. Bont’s anatomical shaping of the forefoot and heel cup allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position providing you with the best stability and comfort. Combined with the ability to heat mold the Parkstar boot means you can get the right fit for your foot.

The suede outerskin is light-weight and durable and is available in eight different stock color combinations. The liner is a suede-like material that is also light-weight and durable but also fights odor and does not easily break down with sweat.

bont parkstar suede roller skates color package boot quad skate

Inside the Parkstar roller skate boot is a tendon pillow that pads around your Achilles tendon to secures your foot in place to prevent heel slippage for the perfect fit. There is also a 23mm inbuilt heel which shifts your weight into the ball of your foot and allows your body weight to be equally divided and provides better balance. The rubber protective front bumper protects the front of your boot from impact and is also replaceable. However, if you are looking for more protection for the front of your boot then check out the Bont Flat Toe Guards or Bont Stitched Toe Guards.


bont roller skate flat leather suede toe guard

Flat Toe Guards

bont roller skate flat leather suede toe guard

The Bont Tracer Roller Skate Plate is the perfect plate for any skater. The chassis is crafted from extruded 6061 aircraft aluminum with one-piece cast trucks to make this plate strong and affordable. The 20-degree kingpin angle is great for making tight turns as well as top-end speed and stability.

The 57x32mm Bont Glide Roller Skate Wheel is a 78A street wheel made with super high rebound urethane. This roller skate wheel is smooth as silk to skate on and soaks up the bumps. It has great grip and is perfect for skating on asphalt, concrete, or urethane coated surfaces such as tennis courts.


bont roller skate tracer derby quad plate

Tracer Roller Skate Plate

bont roller skate wheel glide outdoor quad wheels

Glide Roller Skate Plate

The Bont Parkstar roller skate is the perfect lifestyle skate for indoor, outdoor, recreational, and street skating.


ParkStar Park Roller Skates

Parkstar Park Skate Package



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Shorty started roller skating in July 2009 when she joined the Canberra Roller Derby League. Over her 10 year roller derby career she skated for Team Australia, Team Korea and Gotham Girls Roller Derby. After retiring and moving to South Korea, Shorty has been hitting the skate parks for new adventures. 

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