Roll with the Flow! with Bont Flow Roller Skate Wheels

Roll with the Flow! with Bont Flow Roller Skate Wheel series, designed for park and street skating.

Bont Skates has a long history of producing high-quality roller skate wheels. We took our extensive knowledge of producing the best inline speed skating wheels and roller derby wheels in the world and applied them to a park and street wheel for this project. The Bont ParkStars team is a team of the best park skaters all over the world. They tested a number of prototypes and formulas to come up with the best park wheel on the market, the Bont Flow Roller Skate Wheel series.

Wheel Hardness

Available in two hardnesses it caters to all types of skating. The 99a Park Flow roller skate wheel is for skaters who like speed with a bit a slide but still maintain great control. Perfect to skating vert

The Street Flow roller skate wheel is softer at 89a durometer and allows for a smooth ride and amazing grip. Great for skating DIY spots, street style skate areas as well as bowls and skate parks.

Special attention was paid to the wheel edge design so that it minimizes wheel bite on coping, rails, and ledges for the perfect slide or grind. ⁠

What the skaters say...

"The Street wheels are your best friends for skating on different floors, I use them for sketchy parks, slippery wood ramps or street. The Flow wheels are perfect for me on a beautiful concrete park where you can go so fast! With these 2 set-ups, I can go anywhere." Helly

"The Street Flow wheels are perfect for my style of park skating. Doing a lot of jumping tricks, the softer duro makes my landings much smoother and less jarring impact." Whippa

"I haven't changed from my Street Flow Wheels. Have handled different surfaces beautifully from wooden indoor parks, to concrete and street. I like to jump and the softer wheel is better for the impact and doesn't affect my speed either." Micky

Bont Flow Street Roller Skate Park Skating Wheels

Street Flow Roller Skate Wheels

Bont Flow Park Roller Skate Park Skating Wheels

Street Park Roller Skate Wheels

Hardness: 89a Street or 99a Park ⁠
Size: 58mm x 32mm⁠
Designed in Australia⁠
Tested by Team Bont ParkStars⁠