Roller Skate Plate - Zeus

The Zeus is Bont’s premium speed roller skate plate. The design is simple and classic. 

 Roller Skate PlateBont Zeus roller skating plate

<img src="//" alt="Roller Skate Plate" />Bont Zeus cushions


The Zeus roller skate plate features a 7-degree action. This means that the trucks (the part that connects the wheels to the boot) are more upright than you will find on a normal roller skate or roller derby skate that may use a 20 degree or 33-degree action. In practice, the lower the number of degrees in the truck action, the more stable the plate is, and the harder it is to turn. The ease or difficulty of turning can also be adjusted in your truck set up and also by changing the hardness of the cushions. Softer cushions will make the plate easier to turn. 


The Zeus plate is triply polished to give it an extremely shiny finish. Each polishing uses a finer finish until the final polishing is done by hand. 

Bont Roller skate plateRoller skate plate polishing
Bont Roller skate plateMounting marks on the mounting holes

Quick Release

The axles are 8mm quick release axles that allow you to quickly change wheels between races. The spring in the quick release system is strong and it has a nice feel to the action. The axles are 8mm in diameter so they will fit standard 608 bearings. 

Roller Skate PlateBont Zeus speed skating quick release

Double barrel cushions

Rather than using a top cone cushion, we use a traditional double barrel set up on the Zeus plate. The cushions are made in the USA from Bont’s famous high rebounding urethane. 

Roller Skate PlateBont Zeus cushions


The lock nut is 6061 aluminum with a grub screw for fine-tune adjustment to suit your speed skating style. The plates profile allows for the fitment of wheels up to 72mm in diameter.

Plate lengths

  • 135mm plate’s base length is 209mm.
  • 145mm plate’s base length is 219mm.
  • 155mm plate’s base length is 229mm.
  • 165mm plate’s base length is 239mm.
Bont Roller skate plateRoller skate plate in the rain
Bont Roller skate plateRain shot Zeus plate

To order, contact your nearest roller skate shop or order from here.