The Craftsmanship Behind Bont Roller Speed Skates

mybonts racer carbon speed quad roller skates

Bont Skates stands as a symbol of excellence in roller speed skating, embodying a legacy of innovation and unmatched quality. Let’s delve deeper into this legacy that has revolutionized the world of skating.

A Legacy of Innovation and Quality

Founded in Sydney in 1975, Bont Skates began with a groundbreaking vision. Inze Bont, a recreational speed skater, took the unprecedented step of fiberglassing the back of his leather speed skates. This innovative approach laid the foundation for what would become a series of industry-firsts.

Pioneering Materials in Skate Construction

Bont quickly established itself as a pioneering force in skate manufacturing. In 1974, they were the first to introduce fiberglass in skate construction, a move that significantly enhanced support and durability. This spirit of innovation continued with the introduction of Kevlar in 1986 and Carbon Fiber in 1989, making Bont Skates a leader in using exotic, high-performance materials.

Revolutionizing with Heat Moldable Resins and Thermoplastics

Another significant innovation from Bont was the utilization of heat moldable resins and thermoplastics. This technology allowed for a level of customization previously unseen in the industry, enabling skaters to achieve a perfect fit, significantly enhancing both comfort and performance.

Dominating the 1980s Quad Racing Scene

The 1980s saw Bont dominate the quad racing scene. Their boots, known for being the lightest and strongest on the market, benefited from a unique one-piece manufacturing technique. This period marked Bont as the manufacturer of choice for competitive skaters seeking top-tier performance.

Innovations in Design and Features

Bont was also the first quad skate company to integrate lace covers, velcro, and aluminum strengtheners into their boots. These design enhancements not only improved the functionality and durability of the skates but also contributed to a more streamlined and effective skating experience.

Key Feature: Each Bont skate, from its inception, has been a blend of comfort, speed, and durability, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of both amateur and professional skaters. This commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every pair of skates that leaves their workshop.

Focus on Individual Skate Models

The Quad Racer: Classic Design Meets Modern Technology

The Quad Racer is a blend of the past and present. With a microfiber outer skin, liner, and a fiberglass base, it represents the advancement in boot technology. It's a heat-moldable, lightweight quad boot, showcasing the use of fiberglass, heat-moldable resins, and innovative layup techniques.

This boot, styled after the famous Bont boot that dominated championships in the late '80s and early '90s, has been upgraded with light-weight fiberglass. It is lighter and stronger than its predecessors, making the Quad Racer Speed Skate a timeless classic.

bont racer speed roller skate

Racer Carbon Special Edition: Retro Style with Modern Performance

The Racer Carbon Special Edition is a journey into skating excellence. This boot combines retro aesthetics with advanced skating technology. Featuring a 100% carbon fiber base and thermo-moldable resin, it offers unmatched lightweight durability. The Durolite outer skin, developed in Japan, surpasses traditional leather in lightness and resilience.

The boot tongue is designed for comfort and efficiency, with ventilation for coolness, Velcro for security, and soft padding to prevent lace bite. The boot's narrower heel design ensures a secure grip and a near-custom fit.

Paying homage to the legendary Bont boot, this edition enhances the classic with modern lightweight carbon fiber. The Quad Racer Speed Skate is a reimagined timeless classic, showcasing Bont's expertise in carbon skate design.

bont racer speed roller skate

Technical Aspects and Innovations

Revolutionary Design Elements

Bont Skates are not just about style; they incorporate numerous technical innovations. The use of carbon fiber and thermo-moldable resins in the Racer Carbon Special Edition is a testament to Bont's commitment to pushing the boundaries of skate technology.

Cutting-Edge Materials

The selection of materials like Durolite outer skin and microfiber liners ensures that Bont Skates are not only high-performing but also durable and comfortable.

Skating Tips and Tricks

Maximizing Your Skating Experience

To fully enjoy the benefits of Bont Skates, it's crucial to focus on maintenance, mastering skating techniques, and ensuring the right fit. Regular care and upkeep of your skates ensure their longevity, while proper skating techniques can significantly boost performance and safety.

Customization for Comfort and Performance

Customizing Bont Skates, particularly through heat molding the boot, can dramatically improve your skating experience. This process allows the boot to conform perfectly to the contours of your feet, offering unparalleled comfort and support.

MyBonts Customization: Express Your Style

Semi-Custom Options

MyBonts presents a fantastic opportunity for skaters to personalize their boots. Since 1975, Bont has been at the forefront of custom design, enabling skaters to match their team colors, add personal names, or choose unique designs.

The semi-custom version of the Bont speed skate boot offers an array of color options. The production time for these semi-custom boots ranges between 6-8 weeks, depending on the season, with June to December being the quickest.

Full Custom Boots: Tailored for You

Bont’s full custom boots are the ultimate choice for skaters seeking performance coupled with a perfect fit. Renowned for producing custom inline speed skates, short track speed skates, long track speed skates, quad speed skates, roller skates, and roller derby skates, Bont sets the standard in customized skating equipment.

With a history dating back to 1975, Bont is the world’s leading producer of custom-made skates. These skates are crafted over 8-12 weeks, tailored around a mold of your feet. Bont can work with molds made by plaster using the Bont carbon molding box, ensuring that each pair of skates fits like a second skin.

Bont Roller Speed Skates are more than just equipment; they are a culmination of years of innovation, expertise, and a deep understanding of skaters' needs. Each pair of skates is a testament to Bont's commitment to quality, offering skaters a choice of excellence on their skating journey.