Create your dream Roller Skates

Looking to create your dream pair of roller skates? At the website, it's easy, fun, and very addictive. If you are like me you'll have to try and narrow down your roller skate designs to top 10 before finally choosing the best one.

Roller Skate Range

Bont has a great range of roller skates including roller derby skates, speed roller skates, jam skates, and roller skates for park skating. Most of the styles can be color customized to suit your look and style. Below I will go through the process from designing my dream roller skates on-screen to unboxing the physical product.

Bont ParkStar

The first step is to head to the and chose the type of roller skate boot I want. Since retiring from Roller Derby I have been enjoying a lot more roller skating at skate parks. So I chose the MyBonts Parkstar Skate Park Boots (Design your boots) option.

From here you get a view of a plain white roller skate boot and to the left is a panel of all the different sections of the boot that you can color customize. Then you can just let your imagination run wild.

I couldn't choose between two design options so I decided why not get a different color combination for each roller skate boot! If you are looking to do this, you will need to email to process your order as currently the shop doesn't support left/right options.

Once you have designed your dream roller skates, you will need to select your boot size, if you want to make it a package and the heel height of your boot. While the Parkstar might not look like it, it does have an in-built heel with the standard being 23mm. However, Bont allows us to choose the option for 13mm or 6mm at no extra cost. For me, I chose 13mm because I do quite a bit of aggressive inline skating so prefer minimal heel so the switch between the two skate disciplines is easier. I also chose the package option and added the Derby Tracer roller skate plate and Street Flow wheels.

The last thing to consider in customizing your skates is what are you going to put on your skate straps. The default is to have the Bont logo but if you want to go a little fancy why not get your nickname, roller derby name, a motto, or a goal embroidered on them. Maximum is 8 characters per strap so some thought is needed. I decided on something simple and went with my roller derby name as most people in my life know me as Shorty.

The next part is the hardest... Waiting patiently. Custom roller skates take about 10-12 weeks. But when you get the email with the tracking number it's like Christmas!

And then when your roller skates arrive it's the happiest of times.. unboxing time! When you open the box, you notice a lot of care has been taken to pack the roller skates so that they are secure and arrive in pristine condition. Of course, a few photos for social media (tag @bont_parkstars), and then you are ready to roll. Let the roller skating adventures begin! 



 MyBonts Parkstar Skate Park Boots (Design your boots)




Shorty started roller skating in July 2009 when she joined the Canberra Roller Derby League. Over her 10 year roller derby career she skated for Team Australia, Team Korea and Gotham Girls Roller Derby. After retiring and moving to South Korea, Shorty has been hitting the skate parks for new adventures. 

Connect with her on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel for skate park tips and tutorials!