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The New 100mm Supercell Carbon Fiber Frame

By Christine Murray

Feb 10, 2023


The Bont Supercell is gaining traction in the marketplace as the premium carbon inline frame, and with that, we have just released a new 4x100mm Supercell inline frame. 

The Supercell inline racing frame has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any inline racing frame on the market. Using nanotech 'super cell' resin to not only lighten the frame but also make it more impact resistant, the Supercell is the next generation in carbon frames. 

Carbon is an extremely strong material when it is curved. We designed the Supercell frame to be curved at every angle you look to produce an extremely rigid structure and one of the stiffest frames ever made. 

The 12" 100mm Supercell frame is available in two colors, pink and blue and comes with one level of stiffness (XXF), which is suitable for all skating conditions. For more info, click here

Supercell 100mm inline carbon speed skating frame

Supercell 100mm inline carbon speed skating frame

Supercell 100mm inline carbon speed skating frame

Supercell 100mm inline carbon speed skating frame


Carbon fiber inline frames have several advantages over traditional inline skating frames made from aluminum or other materials:

  1. Lightweight: Carbon fiber is much lighter than aluminum, making carbon fiber inline frames easier to carry and maneuver while skating.
  2. Strong: Despite its lightweight, carbon fiber is incredibly strong and durable. Carbon fiber inline frames can withstand impacts and stress, making them ideal for aggressive inline skating and tricks.
  3. Rigidity: Carbon fiber has excellent stiffness, which means that it retains its shape and does not bend or deform easily. This results in improved energy transfer and control for the skater.
  4. Responsiveness: Carbon fiber frames are more responsive than aluminum frames, providing a quicker and more direct transfer of energy from the skater to the wheels.
  5. Vibration damping: Carbon fiber has excellent vibration damping properties, reducing the amount of shock and vibration that is transmitted to the skater's feet, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.
  6. Aesthetics: Carbon fiber has a distinctive appearance, with a visible weave pattern that adds an attractive and high-tech look to inline frames. Bont Supercell frames have an option for matte or gloss finish making them look very futuristic.
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